Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh, Fluevog!

John Fluevog has announced his 2010 Spring Collection, and there are some really sweet shoes in it...I can't choose just one, so I'll take a pair of each of these! I've already got dresses to match some of these, and I've already got other dresses in the works that will go with these.....

The Pearl Hart, a style I've always loved, is now available in pink. Oh, heaven!

The Mahalo is available in black but I like both the yellow AND the turquoise versions. Do I have to choose?

And here we have the Fiorenza, another of my favorite Fluevogs, in ice blue. Have I got plans for this pair!

I rue the day I started working in the footwear industry. It ruined me for life. I think I need to get back into the biz so I can get discounts again!


  1. I'll take the pearl pinks, please! How come they have to release spring shoes while it's still 30 degrees,

  2. Oh, I know! It's hard to think about buying spring dresses and shoes when the Mid Atlantic is snowed under! (but I manage... ;-)

  3. Ohmygawd, they're all so cute! Gotta love Fluevog! The man is a wiz at creating cool shoes.

  4. @Kim - oh, isn't he, though? I wanna work for him!


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