Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Retro Prints and Paintings on Etsy

I love art. I love shopping for art.  I love going to Etsy and looking at the amazing stuff people out there are creating.  I especially love it if there's a retro vibe to a piece; what a surprise!  Here are some awesome photos and prints available from various artists on Etsy.  I want every one of them, and I have a bunch more bookmarked!

Click on an image to go to its Etsy page.

Gabrielle Kai's "Apricots"

"Hey Good Lookin'" from farouche

pleasebestill's "Le Chic"

"Astro Sonic Saucer" from johnwgolden

"Retro Laundromat" by buckscountryframes

"n" by jacquelynlee

"Fresh Water Daily" from inkandsword studio

"House Salad" by dogandponyprints

"State Street" from ariyamastudio

foxyandwinston's "Chickadee" print

"Lucky 43" from kelokeefe

"Utensil" print by AntiGraphic


  1. Wonderful images.

    Can't wait to see more pics from the craft room. I'm so nosey like that.lol I love to see what people have and use to create with.


  2. Thanks, Lynea! I'm realizing that, for someone who loves art so much, I have shockingly little of it hanging in my house. MUST remedy that!

    Last night I got so wrapped up in doing the new graphics for this blog that I forgot about the studio pics! (This post was one I'd written ahead of time, so I'd have an "ace in the hole.") Time to pull the pics off my camera and maybe take a few more!

  3. Those are great! Especially digging the laundromat & utensils prints!

  4. Thanks, Kim - yeah, the utensils print is one of my faves too. I've got just the perfect spot to hang it in the kitchen!


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