Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scottie Dog Mania

Yes, I'm talking about me, but I'm also talking about a lot of folks in the 30's and 40's! Scottish Terriers enjoyed a healthy period of popularity in this country, due in part to the fact that FDR's faithful dog, Fala, in the White House was a Scottie. I think the personality of the steadfast Scottie was the perfect choice for the times of uncertainty and turmoil we were facing in the Depression and the war.

Scotties were bred to chase rodents, (hence the wiry fur for protection against bites) and this makes them tenacious, sturdy little dogs. They are usually a one-person or one-family dog, and make great watchdogs. They have a big dog bark in a little dog body! They can be stubborn, so you have to show them who's top dog early in your relationship with them. Even then, sometimes you will lose to the will of a Scottie.

They're NOT great with kids, and if you have a cat, you can bet it will be chased, so you have to think carefully before you bring one home. Since I have 2 beloved kitties, and am considering keeping chickens, a Scottie is not in my future. It doesn't help that my husband thinks of them as dust mops, and wants nothing to do with them. This makes me sad, so to assuage myself, I looked at Scottie dog kitsch today.

Vintage poster for travel to where else? Scotland!

Adorable vintage pin at Ruby Lane

Juicy Couture's Scottie Dog Wellies, sadly no longer in stores!

You can pay $200 for this bag by Dooney and Bourke.
(They have a whole line of Scottie bags, available in red or white.)

Or you can pay $27.00 for this one. I'll let you choose for yourself.

Vintage bakelite brooch on eBay. There are a ton of these available online, and the prices vary wildly, so shop around! Certain colors of bakelite will be worth more, and piece with more than one color will be very pricey.

As you can see, there's both vintage and contemporary Scottie dog paraphernalia available; from coffee cups to pj's, fine diamond pins to baseball caps, you name it, you can find it with a Scottie on it. I myself am on the lookout for just the right pin to put on the lapel of my raincoat this spring. That way, I'll always be taking my Scottie for a walk.

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  1. ...And I'll just take a moment to comment on my own post...Sadie the Scottie won Westminster Dog Show! She is a beauty, and you can tell she's got that strong Scottie character. Her handler said that his relationship with her was just fine, so long as he kept saying, "Yes, dear."


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