Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spoonflower: Custom Printed Fabric!

Ever have a hard time finding just the right fabric for the sewing project you're working on? There are times that I've been soooo frustrated at not finding the right fabric at the right time, and have had to table projects until someone shared my vision and created the fabric I had in my head, or compromise and use something else. Sound familiar?

Well, suffer no more, because at Spoonflower you can have your very own fabric design printed for  you! If you or someone you know is handy with Photoshop (or a similar program), you can create your own graphics to be printed on the fabric of your choice. There's a huge community of people doing this, and you can buy some of the fabrics they have designed as well! Coming soon, out-of-print Heather Ross designs like the very popular Mendocino line will be available via Spoonflower too!

Just check out some of the fabrics designed by average citizens:

Annika - Dot




Dancing Blossom Large

I have about a million ideas for fabric designs in my head, starting with an aqua-on-aqua gingham with little percolators, etc., on it, based on the graphics I created for this blog. I'd use it for our kitchen curtains, and I'd make the Butterick B4513 reissue sundress out of it too. Then I'd do a retro chicken print, and a cat print, and a studio print using our studio "chops" (stamps)... It's pricier than equivalent ready-made fabrics ($16.20/yard for quilters cotton if you've designed the pattern yourself, $18 if you're buying someone else's design), and I'm on an austerity budget now. For now, I'm going to design all my prints so they'll be ready when I have the money saved up.

And you know what I would love to do? I would *love* to get paid to help other people create their own design. I would love to help people who don't have experience with graphic design to articulate and create their own fabric design. I could be the hands at the keyboard, making their fabric dreams come true. Wouldn't that just be a dream job? Sigh.

Thanks to the lovely and talented Q.Cassetti, local graphic artist, for reminding me about Spoonflower. I had bookmarked it over a year ago and forgotten about it!


  1. I'm really surprised, 16 a yard is not that bad. Still more then what I would pay, but not bad at all.

    There is a new book about working in the fabric design business. I can't remember the name off hand. Have you seen it?

    Thanks for the sweater sewing tips!!! I'm so excited to try it out!

    Have a good evening, Lynea

  2. Hi Lynea -

    I thought it would be more, too, but it's still definitely more than I can think about paying right now. Someday...

    I haven't seen the book you're talking about; NOW I'm going to have to go on a hunt! Thanks for the tip!

    Have fun sewing on sweaters. Can't wait to see what you make!


  3. Ah ha, found the reference, now my brain Source say's it's an e-book.

    How to Enter the World of Textile Design:For the Quilting Industry BY Lizzy House

    Hope this helps,
    Have a great day, looking good here, so far!

  4. Thanks, Lynea! This looks like a good one!

  5. It sounds like the world needs you to get busy. I can see people using someone like you in your dream job. I, for one, am constantly looking for what I see in my head, yet never seem to find it.

    Your ideas for fabrics sound fabulous. I could see myself wanting every one you've described. (Here's where you need to know I don't know how to sew. At all. So I pretty much just fantasize and buy very little.) But still.


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