Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunday in the Loft with Nancy - The Cleanup Continues

This is what the loft looked like on Sunday. I haven't done a thing in there since then, but I'm hoping to spend Friday evening and Saturday in there.

This is what my studio cutting table looks like now. At the end of the table you can see my Singer Confidence, which I got for 1/2 price in October. On the table is a shirt for my hubby that I cut out in the summer but still haven't finished...  oops. The teal cake tin at the end of the table is my button box, a mix of my buttons and my grandma's buttons.

The baskets-full of used clothing are now in bins, and the baskets are serving new functions in the house!

This basket is full of things waiting to be altered or mended. There's all kinds of things in here, including several dresses from the Salvation Army that will be refashioned to look like vintage dresses, and my husband's studio aprons whose ties have frayed. The little blue bag hanging above the basket was made from the left-over sleeves of a t-shirt that I turned into a skirt. The sewing machine is my lightweight basic machine, a Janome with zig-zag and forward/backward stitches only. 

I'm finding lots of projects I had forgotten about...guess I won't need to buy and patterns or fabric for a while!  Wait until you see the list of skirts and dresses that are waiting to be made!


  1. Looking good! You can see the table and It's awesome btw! So much room.
    I love that that there is wood floors in there. I have to get my stuff moved to the new craft room soon (it has wood floors too). I'm sick of pulling stings off the vacuum roller. lol

    Look forward to seeing your sewing list. Not sure why, it will probably increase my wish

    Have a great evening, Lynea

  2. Lucky you! I would love to have a cutting table... :)

  3. @Lynea and Una - I am very lucky to have this space. It's the loft above our pottery gallery, and I was able to carve out some space amidst the other things that are stored up there. It's a little cramped in some spots, but I'm not complaining!

    The cutting table has salvaged cabinets underneath it, so there's storage under it. It's so nice to have a large clean space to lay things out, without having to crawl around on the floor. Unfortunately, when we move from this house, I'll probably have to leave it all there!

  4. Doesn't it feel great to get organized? Clutter is baggage, and none of us need more of that. Good job, Nancy!

  5. Thanks, Michele! It does feel great. There's a lot more work to do, still, in both the loft and the house. Then we'll tackle the clay studio, the hot glass station, and the shed...

    I'm looking to have a MASSIVE yard sale this summer, but first I need to figure out where I'm storing all this stuff I want to get rid of. Our basement's mostly dry, but the stairs are a bear to navigate with full hands.

    Some things are going to go on Craig's List now, like an oak desk, a futon couch/bed, and a chest freezer. (No, none of those were buried in the loft! They're all in the house.)

    I have LISTS, and I have a PURPOSE! LOL


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