Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspirational Blouses

I've been thinking about blouse patterns for a while now, and this weekend my mom gave me a goody bag full of vintage buttons that would be perfect for the kinds of blouses I love. Coincidentally, Gertie wrote a great post about her latest blouse.  Kismet!  I started looking for blouse patterns online.

I am obsessed with peplums - maybe because I hope they'll help disguise the midlife belly I've acquired.  Most of the patterns I've found only call for a few buttons - perfect, since a lot of the button cards my mom gave me have 3-5 buttons on them!

I am totally loving the sleeve options on this pattern, but I'm wondering about how the yoke around the waist will work for me.  Will probably have to do a muslin to figure that out.

I love the softness of the peplum on this one.  I can see doing one like the green sleeveless variation and one like the coral cap-sleeve.... only, I have to tone up my arms first!

Emma Pillsbury was here! Versions C and E feel particularly Emma-ish to me.  Version D could pass for a 1930's blouse. No peplum, but the fit-and-flare works for me!

Love the jackets, love the pants.  Picture this in linen.

How do I love these?  Let me count the ways....


  1. oh boy. Now I am really inspired to start sewing again. I used to make everything from tailored suits to fun little tops. Sewing my own wardrobe was a way to save money, but nowadays I want something that is the right color and the right FIT. I may just dust off the old sewing machine this weekend....while doing my spring cleaning.

  2. You're right, M, sewing is NOT the way to save money any more! Just the opposite, in fact!

    I really get inspired looking at patterns...I buy them, and sometimes fabric to make them up in, and then I start to get behind and the piles mount up! I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more fabric or patterns until I had done at least 1/2 of what's waiting for me in the loft!

    Hope you have fun getting back into the swing of the sewing addiction! LOL


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