Friday, March 12, 2010

Sewing To-Do List, Part 1

I have a few pieces of fabric hanging around, waiting to be made into something...

Butterick pattern by Maggie London, stretchy swing-y lycra knit fabric by her, too.  (on sale!  yay!)

The first vintage pattern I ever bought.  Still haven't cut it out!

I've had this fabric and pattern for a long time.  I tried to make up this dress in another fabric, and totally messed up the BA.  It's made me afraid to cut this fabric and start again!!

One of my favorite vintage patterns, a mail-order pattern.  The nouveau-atomic fabric is actually less red and more of a teaberry color than in this pic.

A heavy knit with some lycra in it.  Don't know what I'm going to make with it yet, but I just loved the print and had to have it...

This Style pattern is from the 90's.  I'm going to make the sleeveless version of this.  Doncha just love those shocking green mother of pearl buttons? I picture wearing this will some deep blue espadrilles.

I'm actually going to make a puffy-sleeved, peter pan collared, peplum blouse based on the bodice of this dress.  This fabric reminds me of a blouse this visiting French girl wore, back in 6th grade.  I think of this as "My French blouse."

And of course, a skirt to go with "The French blouse"... (shown with the lining fabric as well)  I'm not sure if I want to do the straight knee-length version or the flared deep pink version... what do you think?  To go with a peplum blouse?  And of course, I'm thinking either cream or deep pink espadrilles to complete the French look...Think "Fanny Chenal" in "A Good Year" and you'll get what I'm thinking of...

Can't wait to make this dress.  I'm definitely doing the shorter, puffy-sleeved version.  I haven't decided if I'm going to do a self-belt, or buy a cream leather belt.  Maybe if I find the perfect bakelite buckle, I'll do the fabric belt.

A loud shirt for my hubby!

A slightly less loud shirt for my hubby.

A slightly unusual fabric choice, but at least the colors are muted....


  1. Saw your post on Sew Retro! On the French blouse outfit dilemna -- I think with that blouse, simpler is better on the skirt. I'd go straight and probably above the knee. And definitely do the ankle strap!!

    Also, I love the diamond print fabric you've got paired up with the EvaDress pattern - I hope you make that up soon!

  2. Now I know where to send all the archived patterns, if I can ever give them up! Whoops, probably wrong size!

  3. @sarah - thanks for the feedback! I've been leaning that same direction on the skirt - thanks for the confirmation! I really want that red dress ready for summer swing dances, so I'm going to do it within the next few months...

    @Maryszka - Oh my goodness, I would love your patterns! But yep, I'm short and round-ish now, not shaped like Sonia at all! LOL


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