Friday, April 30, 2010

All Systems are Not "GO"

Ya know, despite the challenges I laid out in my last post, I was starting to think that we were in a pretty good spot in terms of Alex's health. I was thinking things were looking up, with this trip to Cleveland, and that we might actually be able to coast for a while. Well.... not so much.

Alex was casually talking to a neighbor of ours who is a physician yesterday, and mentioned some of the problems he's been having, like not being able to sleep at night, but falling asleep while driving and while sitting at the computer. Like having numbness in his hands and feet. Our neighbor asked what meds he was on, and upon hearing that Alex was on blood pressure meds, suggested he call his cardiologist.

Well, when Alex did that this morning, the cardiologist's office was quite alarmed and told him he had to come in immediately, which he did.  I just got a call from Alex - they were afraid he was having mini-strokes, but the EKG was ok. His BP is much higher than it should be though, and he's gained 40 pounds (mostly muscle) since the last time they saw him. They're starting to think his thyroid may have been damaged by the sepsis, etc. So now he has an event monitor, will get a halter monitor on Monday, and has to have a battery of labs run to check for systemic problems. This may interfere with his ability to get the reversal surgery, at least until they can solve this problem.

Next week he sees the cardiologist on Monday, goes to Cleveland on Wednesday, and sees his GP for labs on Friday. Oh, and the engine light just came on again, for the millionth time, so we have to get the car into the Toyota dealership. (This has been going on for months now, and our mechanics have tried everything, and told us to take it to the deal, otherwise we wouldn't be going there.)  I wonder whose palm we'll have to grease to get them to look at it and fix it before Wednesday? 

I'm not feeling very stoic right now. In fact, I feel a panic attack coming on. Might be time to go home and hug my boy.


  1. I wish I could offer something that would stave off that panic attack. Unfortunately, I have one of my own coming on. Suddenly I feel very old and broken. Not how I like heading into the weekend. Let someone else be stoic. I dont have it in me today.

  2. ((HUG)), and definitely go hug that Boy of yours.

    FWIW, my engine light (Ford Truck) came on forever ago, and we kept having it reset by our mechanic. Finally took one (expensive) trip to the dealer to have it looked at, they reset it and a week later it went on again! It was just the sensor/fuse, not anything with the actual engine. Because it was after warranty, we just left it and 9 years later the trucks still ticking!

    I'm sure you're Fella will keep ticking for a long time as well, these hurdles will pass and hopefully tackling these issues will lead to his recovery.

  3. @Alex - I love you, honey.

    @KibitzKnitz - Guess what? The light just went out all by itself this we're hoping it is an electrical short! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. One of our mechanic friends calls the "check engine" light the "chuck engine" light, because everyone wants to get rid of the car when it comes on. He told us to get a once over when hubby's light came on, and when nothing showed up, told us not to worry about it.

    That light has been on for nine years now, and that van is perfectly fine. Hope it works out like that for you, too.

  5. Click and Clack have a good, all-purpose solution to the check engine problem: black electrical tape over the light.

  6. Thanks, Lisa and C. Our mechanics were actually concerned about it because over the last few months, every time the light came on they got a different diagnostic code on the computer. They were starting to think that maybe the computer in the car was going, which is an expensive fix. I'm hoping it's just a short in the damn light! and Click and Clack have the right idea!


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