Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quest for the Perfect Wedge Shoes

Hi all you readers out in Blog Land.  Sorry I've been a lame blogger lately... real life got in the way!  LOL

By now you all get that I'm way into shoes. I used to work in footwear, and I sometimes miss those days.  Employee discounts ROCK.  These days I think more about wanting to design shoes; should I get into the textile program at Cornell and works towards that?  I don't know.  While I'm waiting for a lightning bolt to hit me and tell me what I should do, I spend endless hours drooling over what other people are designing.

I want some wedge heels in my wardrobe.  They're the comfy way of getting more "lift" and more leg, and for some reason they're really appealing to me right now.  Here are some that are perfect, just as they are.  If I had set out to design some wedge heels, I would have come up with styles much like these:


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  2. If only I could spell . . .

    Let me try this again. . .

    I love the top ones best. You can't beat the 40's style in those. Now, if I only had the long, thin pegs to go with them!

    I have a great pair of open-toe, red-paton leather & cork soled wedges. I love to look at them. They even sit, purposely, in a corner of my bedroom for me to be able to see them and draw inspiration. Have I worn them? No. Cause I'm a baby and they're high. I've even had to dust them. Sad, I know.

    Maybe I'll work up my never this spring sometime.


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