Thursday, May 20, 2010

The 111 Navy Chair by EMECO and....Coca Cola?

Yep, Emeco and Coke have worked together to take 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles and turn them into the classic "Navy" chair, the popular 1940's design that you can find in steel or aluminum for beaucoup bucks at antique stores. (Or brand-new from Emeco.)

That's right; out of plastic. And they're beautiful.

I read about this first at, but you can also read about it at Emeco's site. They took their aluminum chair and made it out of trash, and made it beautiful. One of the reasons Coke approached Emeco with this idea was that they wanted to encourage more people to recycle their bottles. In other parts of the world, 80% of soda bottles are recycled; in the US, we recycle only 20%. 

Wouldn't you rather have a nice chair to sit in, than 111 bottles in the ditch near your house?

I thought so, too.


  1. Aren't they, though? I'm just loving them, almost enough to make me want to get rid of the vintage diner chairs that need to be reupholstered.....ok, maybe not *quite* that much....

  2. Hi Nancy, Those really are the coolest chairs. so happy putting on a hat made you think of me. What a nice connection.


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