Sunday, May 23, 2010

Smile and Say Thank You

Wow. Dear Readers, you are a special bunch. I've had so many nice surprises this week, all I can do is smile and say thank you.

First, my pal D. gave me a dishy 1950's-60's white top that once belonged to her beloved Grandma. I wanted to take a picture of myself in it...but I have to lose a few pounds before I do that!  ;-)

I'm having my first meetup with a reader I've only conversed with on FaceBook! C. and I are meeting to have coffee on Tuesday; she loves shoes as much as I do!

Then, out of the blue, K. sent me her Auntie's beautiful black coat AND an offer of copies of some of her vintage patterns. How sweet!

I wasn't even sure anyone was reading my posts!  I am one lucky girl.


  1. Wow! That's one beautiful coat! Lucky you! :)

  2. That coat is awesome, and you look so chic in it!

  3. Thanks, gals! I'm feeling very spoiled.

  4. You so deserve to be spoiled, oh inspiration, oh muse of those of us in the barren wastelands..!

  5. Gosh, Q, such praise, coming from the Design Queen of Trumansburg! Thank you!


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