Friday, May 28, 2010

The Ultimate Wardrobe-Stretching Sandal: Mohop Shoes

Oh. My.

I haven't been this excited about a pair of shoes since I got my baby pink lizard cowboy boots, back in the 90's. I wore them to death.  (Almost literally! They're in desperate need of their second resoling, but the only shoe repair guy in town who did a good job on cowboy boots has retired, so I'm afraid to wear them. They decorate my dresser for now.) The pink was a bit limiting in terms of the wardrobe; for a while my entire wardrobe was pink, to go with them.

But these sandals by Mohop are so much more than ONE pair of shoes. Made by 2 former architects, these are a work of design genius, a masterpiece of elegance in their design, execution, and attention to carbon footprint.

When I first looked at them, I thought, "$150 for a pair of wooden soles?!?"  (Ok, I admit, I was very tired. I wasn't thinking clearly. I'm sleep-deprived and menopausal, what can I say?)

But with that pair of soles, you get infinite possibilities, as the company slogan suggests. These handmade soles, available in any combination of 3 heights, 3 toe shapes, and 3 sustainably harvested hardwoods, come with a set of ribbons. You get to decide, every time you put them on, how to feed the ribbon through the elastic loops tacked along the sides of the sole.  The possibilities are truly endless.

This pair is the mid-height sole, with a round toe, out of cherry.  
(photo from the Mohop site.)

If you look at their gallery, you'll see a FEW of the possibilities for strap design; a really good place to look at some possibilities is their FaceBook page, where customers have sent in their versions. I'm not going to post more have to go look for yourself!  ;-)

One thing I really love is that they've taken some very old shoe design concepts, and made them their own: the wooden soles of the Northern European clog and the Japanese traditional sandal, combined with the continuous-strap-attached-to-the-sole-via-loops concept of the Greco-Roman sandal. But with modern sole profiles that are sexy.

I'm already thinking about using my bias tape maker to make fabric ribbons to match the dresses I'm about to sew.....or using satin cord and large beads... or deerskin strips....oh, my.  These could keep me busy for a very long time. I could have the absolute perfect sandal to go with every outfit I own!

These are paradigm-shifters, these little numbers. None of the toxic waste involved in shoe production, ultimate reuse scenarios, long-wearing hardwood, AND endless fashion possibilities!!! What more could a modern girl want?


  1. Thanks for posting these shoes. I have been wearing Spaninsh El Naturalista shoes for quite some time, and I think these would make a nice addition in my wardrobe.

  2. Aren't they the coolest idea though? Wish I'd thought of it myself, back in my footwear industry days!

    @Cinquefoil - thanks for introducing me to El Naturalista shoes! Somehow they escaped my radar. I went to their site and found lots of things to put on my shoe wishlist!


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