Thursday, June 24, 2010

So Many Links, So Little Space

I used to have some link lists in the sidebar of this blog, but it felt unwieldy, and I felt like I didn't have room to include a lot of my favorites.  I've started to rectify the situation by creating some pages of links, and filling in the blanks.  I've still got more to add, but it's a start!

There will be more added to every page listed in the sidebar, but I'm starting with Fashion and Sewing first, unsurprisingly...mostly I've added a TON of links to shops on etsy that sell vintage sewing patterns.  I've also started a SHOES section, which is long overdue.  I have more to add there.

Still to come are leather goods - I used to sell high quality jackets, luggage, bags, wallets, shoes, etc.  I have a North Beach baby pink leather bustier in my closet that I didn't have the nerve to wear back when it still fit me...and the baby pink lizard cowgirl boots to go with it.... Not all the leather goods I'll highlight on my links pages will be that outrageous.  I have a soft spot for handmade leather luggage, especially if it looks old-fashioned.  And I am a leather jacket snob.  If you want to see some of the best leather goods out there, check back in a week or so.  That section will be fun to browse through!

Here are some of the things you'll find on the Fashion and Sewing links page...

Check out the handmade shoes by Tracey Neuls, for example:

Peruse the thousands of vintage sewing patterns available at shops such as Patterns from the Past:

Check out the amazing collection of clothing from the 20's through 60's at the vintage shop, Adeline's Attic. This gal has a keen eye for stylish, well-made pieces, especially from the 20's and 30's.


  1. Ooooh...the shoe and pattern links look like my kind of dangerous!

    Ps.I didn't realize you love leather so much...must insist you stop eyeballing my

    Gone window shopping for shoes.
    Have a good evening, Lynea

  2. @Lynea - LOL, I wouldn't dream of turning your cows into shoes! I like cows LIVE, too!

  3. Thanks for showing us the link to those shoes. They're amazing! By the way, I love your background colors on your blog.

  4. Thanks, Lisette! And thanks for the mention on your blog!

  5. hey, thanks for the link back to my shop! Love the look of your blog (great background!)

  6. Baroness - You are more thank welcome! Thank you for stopping by!


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