Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Supposed to be Cleaning the Litter Boxes.....

...so what am I doing instead?  Um..... looking for labradoodle breeders.  Yeah, I'm ignoring my cats' needs so that I can shop for a DOG.  What a bad cat mommy I am!  LOL

And before anybody goes gettin' all self-righteous on me about buying a "designer dog," let me say that my histamine response to dog dander now runs along the "Oh-My-God-Get-Her-to-the-Emergency-Room" end of things.  Labradoodles with woolly coats are as close to hypoallergenic as you can get, they have an awesome temperament, and most of them inherit the Lab's love of water.  Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

I just found a breeder in the Northhampton, MA area, thanks to a suggestion from Barbie at Landmark Labradoodles, a lovely and helpful breeder with whom our timing is off.  These breeders in MA are Berkshire Hills Labradoodles, and I've just spent the last hour falling in love with their dogs. I've emailed them to see about coming to meet them this fall. If our "families" get along, we will put our name on the waiting list for a pup!

Now tell me, what is not to love about that face?!?  
This is Berkshire Hill's Hazel, who was born a cafe color
and turned to this unique parchment color as she grew up.

I haven't had a dog since I lived at home, a million years ago, and neither has Alex.  It's time,  and soon.


  1. They do seem to be wonderful dogs..and I had heard they are indeed hypoallergenic. The one I used to meet on my walks loved to bounce and bound around the way some standard poodles are known to. Very playful and full of energy!

  2. Every doodle I've met has been great. I totally have puppy fever!

  3. Great idea! As a dog lover I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't. :-)

  4. Oh how could you not love that face! I do so hope it works out for you!
    I couldn't imagine life without dogs. We do have allergies in my family and can understand how insanely sick they can make you.

    You cracked me up with the chicken comment...paint chips..don't tempt me to experiment.lol That breed (americana) lays pastel colored eggs...without my help :0)

    Have a wonderful day, Lynea

  5. We have a 14-year old goldendoodle who has been absolutely fun and loyal throughout the years. Even now that she is blind and is diabetic she tries her best to continue her daily comedic routines.

  6. @superheidi - Thanks! I don't feel guilty now! ;-)

    @Lynea - I couldn't resist the paint chips comment, since I associate both americana chickens and paint chips with Martha Stewart!

    @TisRoxie - Oh, what a wonderful girl your doodle sounds like! I'm glad you've had such a great furry member of the family!


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