Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Rongovian Embassy of Yumminess

Folks who have lived in the Ithaca area for any amount of time know about the Rongovian Embassy, a groovy wateringhole and the hot spot for catching the wonderful local bands in Trumansburg.  The Rongo, as it is affectionately known, has gone through several quick changes of ownership since Eric and Mary Ott sold it several years ago.  Plagued by well-intentioned but misguided management, it looked as though the Rongo was about to become just a memory...

Enter Tom and Cheryl Covell, locals who took up the mantle and have done a lot of work to bring our beloved Rongo up to code, up to speed, and up to snuff.  Not only are they pulling in bands once again; they have resurrected the kitchen and are offering a menu of tasty Mexican-inspired food.

Tom and Cheryl have done things right.  They bought the building, so they have complete control of their environment.  They have kept some of the key features, such as the "history of the world" timeline on the wall and the "Suffering, Dying, and Dead Bastards" on the drink menu.  But they're gradually making their own additions to the legendary establishment, and breathing some new life into the old gal.

Alex and I just had dinner there, and it was darn tasty.  I'll eat their mac & cheese with mole sauce ANY TIME, and Alex polished off his enchilada with great satisfaction. The wait staff was friendly and timely, the atmosphere was relaxed, and the cheesecake was exactly the right note after that tasty hot-but-not-too-hot Mexican cuisine.

"Tburg" has been proud to have an identity separate from Ithaca, and the Rongo has always been a key part of that identity.  Three cheers to Tom and Cheryl for continuing to add to the history of the heart of Trumansburg, the Rongovian Embassy.


  1. I've wondered where you've been. I'm so sorry about Alex, at least you know now. But still..how terribly scary for the both of you.

    And Mole'? Did you say Mole'...my favorite!

    Take care, Lynea

  2. Hey, Lynea - Thanks! It was very scary, but he's doing really well today. Gratitude abounds!

    Mole ROCKS.

    Glad to see you back online too!

  3. this spot sounds fantastic. Must get down there some time!!

  4. Baroness - that would be fun!!

  5. There is nothing like the Rongo...except for the Ithaca Farmers Market, which is a totally different thing, but also unique and wonderful.


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