Sunday, August 1, 2010

Retro Dog Collars!!

You didn't think I'd stop thinking about puppies, did you?  ;-)

While I certainly could make any of these at home, handy gal that I am, I may decide to patronize some of these fine folks (mostly from etsy) for my puppy-bling needs.

Aqua and fuchsia crabs from Hampton's Hideaway.
One of my favorite retro color combos!

Cotton and linen gingham collar from ehmio.

A selection of gingham collars from Pet Elegance 
Buck-a-Roo Dots from muttropolis.

A funny take on Andy Warhol's famous soup cans, from muttropolis.
Retro trailer print collar from The Mod Dog 
Pink Flamingos from fairy tail collars 
Cherries from fairy tail collars.

The perfect collar for you Fala (FDR's Scottie) fans, from restowe.

Any of you vintage sewists recognize this fabric?  
From Lucky Fiona, who specializes in retro print dog collars.

"Fruit Salad," from Lucky Fiona.


  1. Excellent collars! One tedious thought, however -- the best collars (IMHO)are the ones which have the dogs name and phone # embroidered right into the collar. Tags can be easily lost, but the name/phone on the collar has proven critical a few times! See What they lack in style -- and they lack a lot -- they make up for in usefulness! Georgia even has one that's also fully reflective; since she's coal black, at night it's her best chance of being seen if she gets loose. And they all, at one time or another, despite your every effort, get loose!

  2. Hi Molly - Yup, I've thought about these issues, too. (I just didn't want to write about them...I'm all about fashion, after all! LOL)

    Luckily I know a few people who could machine-embroider on any of these; I don't have the right machine to do it myself. I was figuring on that, or on getting one of the flat engraved tags that I would sew (or adhere) right onto the surface of whatever collar the pooch is wearing.

    Good chance we'll end up with a light colored dog, but night visibility is important, even then. I think I can actually get glow-in-the-dark piping at Joann's, so I could trick this whole thing out!

    On second thought....maybe I should just make my own!!!!! LOL

  3. Oh, and when we were dog-sitting our neighbor's dog, we got a battery-operated flashy collar that we put on him in addition to his regular one - you can get them at EMS. He's voice-trained, so we never put a leash on him, (his owner doesn't own one) and it was very nice to have that added visibility for the few times he trotted ahead of us.


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