Monday, October 25, 2010

Favorite Retro-Inspired Shoes for Fall and Winter

I know I'm a little late in talking about shoes and boots for fall, now that it's almost November, but I'm going to do it anyway....

I totally see these first three pumps with 20s and 30s fashions.


And you can't go wrong with classic riding boots...

For a more rural, less "genteel" look, this logging boot is perfect.
I have a pair that I wear with my "Rosie the Riveter" jeans, but they also look great with skirts and dresses.
Maybe a Land Girl would have worn something like these?

They call this a motocross boot, but in brown it looks more Victorian or Edwardian to me.
What do you think?

More sweet shoes to wear with fashions from the 20s and 30s...

And these big honking shoes from Dansko look Edwardian/1920's to me, while looking contemporary at the same time.
I TOTALLY want these.

Not quite a post-war pump, but I'll take them!  The leather is gorgeous, and they're from Born, so they're bound to be comfortable.

I love how these Hush Puppies look old and new at the same time,
and I'm a total sucker for 2-tone shoes...

A nice flat alternative, kind of a schoolgirl look.

These look to me like something Amelia Earhart should have worn.

And these, as well... 
or else they were standard issue for the women who were Red Cross drivers in WWI.

What do you think? What do you see in these shoes and boots?  What would you wear with them?


  1. oh, I adore those double strapped "kickers." I agree: totally 20s/early 30s!!!

  2. Thanks, I'll have a pair of each....
    the first Mary Jane and the 'Rory' in a heartbeat!

  3. the frye riding boots make my heart go pitter- patter. they're just beautiful.

  4. I want a pair of each, as well, especially since I can't seem to choose between the Frye riding boots and the Miz Mooz riding boots!

    I saw the Kickers Mary Jane and thought, "Well, of course I need them in every color!"

    And I literally gasped out loud when I saw the Rory.

    Sigh. So many shoes, so little $!

  5. I can honestly say I love every single pair you've shown. What would I do with them? I would wear them wherever I went -- even to bed! So pretty.

  6. I found this during a google image search for 1930s shoes, I have bought and received the Naturalizer two toned shoes and they are wonderful! I am now eyeing Born shoes.


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