Friday, October 22, 2010

The Perfect Fabric for Your Sewing Room Accoutrements!

This collection of fabric from Andover Fabrics just came in at the Fat Quarter Shop, and I think it's adorable!

It's called "Tailor Made" and it has a vintage-y seamstress/tailor theme.  Check out these sweet prints! They're in a quilting weight cotton, perfect for sewing machine covers, curtains, aprons, maybe even a day dress?!

 Yes, those are little dress forms, lined up in stripes...available in other colorways as well.

 I'm seeing a day dress out of this floral.

 Curtains?  Sewing machine cover?  Also available in black/white or yellow/black.

This scissor print is also offered in green/white, teal/white and white/gold.

It's like a primer of stitches! 
But my grandmother's machine couldn't do any of these, way back then....

Two of the "newsprint" colorways...also available in yellow.
I'm ready to make my sewing room curtains out of this, but I can't decide which color!


  1. Oh my goodness! That green newsprint would be perfect for my sewing room. I'm totally stealing your idea for curtains from this stuff. (Also, I suggest yellow. Too cute!)

  2. OHHH! I love the one with the little scissors! So CUTE! Thanks for posting...

  3. Me as well.... the one with scissors, adorable!


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