Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rooibos Dreams

I shouldn't be thinking about new projects.  I have sewing projects from 3 years ago that haven't been done yet.  But when I see a great fabric and can envision it made up in a particular pattern....sigh.  I lose my resolve.

I've been thinking about the fun challenge posed by Colette Patterns' dress, the Rooibos.

 This little gem (the black dress in the photo above) calls for piping, and contrasting fabric for the little collar.  Oh, so many choices....

I'm imagining doing a version out of Michael Miller's Lawn Chair fabric:

 I'd use the lawn chairs for the dress body,

 The black pindot for the collar,

And the clementine pindot for the piping.

I'd better hurry if I'm really going to do this - this fabric is from last season and it's getting hard to find!!

I also found this amazing vintage fabric on etsy at souvenirsouvenir:

The body of the dress would be this fabric, and I'm thinking the collar would be either this fabric as well, or some creamy yellow color to match the background of this fabric.  The piping would be either gold or deep pink.

And THEN I found this fabric from Andover Fabrics at Harts:

Oh, what's not to love?  I'm not sure, but I think I'd use this print in the lighter green (below) for the collar and piping.

Oh, but then, THEN!!!! I saw this retro red dot pattern at Harts:

  ...which also comes in green:

 And I may need to do a dress in each of these.....

You see what my problem is, don't you?  The truth is, I'm really a designer, not a seamstress.  I'd rather put the pattern and fabrics and notions together and let somebody ELSE worry about the FBAs, darts, and tucks...


  1. Beautiful fabrics...I love anything vintage!

  2. Thanks, Micki! Wish I could afford them all! LOL!


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