Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

Ok, I guess I'm on a dog art kick right now.  Here are some works of art from some Etsy sellers, some retro-inspired; some not.


  1. I always have so much fun when I come by to visit here. LOVE the doggie art! ~Could be because I just got myself a puppy -- and the ultimate "retro" dog, a Boston Terrier. I can't tell you how many elderly people stop us and tell me about their little BTs from when they were children . . . they were THE dog in the 30s. I'm loving it. Therefore, I must nominate "Zoom" as my favorite, but that robot scene is tdf, too. Thanks for the fun!

  2. So cute...I love all the pics!"

  3. I'm a huge dog lover (I have two Westies), with relatives that own a pug and a weimaraner. Thanks for the fun post!

  4. Thanks, ladies! They are very fun indeed. I'm hoping to do some similar artwork myself, someday when I'm not a crazed hockey mom, running from rink to rink!


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