Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nifty, Cozy Handmade Retro Hats

Have I ever mentioned how much I love etsy? Guess it's pretty obvious by now, isn't it? Now that the weather is turning colder, I went "virtual shopping" in the Handmade section for warm retro-styled hats this week. Here are some of my favorites:

Uses vintage fabric and notions to make these wonderful hats - work with her to design your own!

Mo also makes sweet hats made from vintage chenille bedspreads!  Check them out!


  1. Love these!! Hopefully I'll find one to fit my monster noggin.

  2. Aren't they great?! One good thing about buying from the craftspeople and artists at etsy; you might be able to get a hat custom-made for you!

  3. we really ARE style twins. I'm re-obsessed with hats again, too. I adore Bonnie's Knitting. Her hats are so pretty and so functional for winter wear!

  4. @ the Baroness - we are, aren't we? Except that I have a devil of a time carrying off 20's and 30's looks with my (short) height and (larger) weight... I look like one of the pictures of my Great Grandmother from the Old Country....not the least bit svelte!

  5. LOL, Nancy! I have "old country" body-type, too. I'm . . . sturdy. But, oh, those hats! Never before, have I thought that I NEED a hat, but I do believe I will need one of these for this winter. Love your style!


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