Thursday, November 25, 2010

Redecoration Dreams, Part II - The Bathroom Stool

I've done a lot of thinking about our downstairs bathroom.  I wrote a post about it eons ago, talking about color schemes and artwork. We're still no nearer to working on this room (we have even less money to work with than when I wrote my last post) but I can still dream, right?  Dreaming is free!

One of the things I miss having in the bathroom is a bathroom stool.  It's nice to have a place to put your towel, clothes, or a toiletry kit if you're a visitor, that stands a chance of staying dry.  It's nice to have a place other than the toilet to sit when your painting your toenails, etc....

Here are some lovely candidates for the position of Bathroom Stool, found on Etsy (where else?!).  They each take things in a slightly different direction; I love playing with things and seeing how far I can stretch it before they just don't work together. (Gosh, what does that say about my personality?!) 

Which is your favorite?  And if you looked at the earlier post I mentioned, which pieces of art would you pair with your favorite stool?

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  1. Not sure which one goes best with your tiles, but I do love the shape of the wooden's child chair.


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