Friday, December 17, 2010

Deck the Halls

Image from flickr

Is everyone ready for Christmas?  Decorations hung, presents wrapped?  I plan on wrapping presents this evening while listening to some festive music.

What's your take on decorating?  When do you put your tree up?  We can't have one because of my tree-climbing feline, but if we did, it wouldn't go up until the first week of December at the earliest.


  1. With two young and eager children on school hols, our tree can only be delayed until the 1st of December, but it does tend to keep them occupied for a whole day (which is a bonus)
    Mmmm, my take on decorating the tree used to be with expensive and breakable objects until the great tree disaster of 2007, when the children put all of the decorations on the front of the tree and it toppled over, smashing a great we decorate with a little more care, and with a lot of school and home made objects....not as visually stimulating, but all ours....

  2. I used to pretty adamantly believe that Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving and Christmas is Christmas and we always waited until at least a week after Thanksgiving to put up the tree. However, ever since moving so far away from our families and trying to have a Thanksgiving filled with the same bustle and busyness of a house filled with family, minus the extended family, we have begun putting up the tree, or beginning to put up the tree, on Thanksgiving. Now, before everyone jumps on me, I must say, I quite like it. It provides our small family a full day of lingering over the tree, the lights, the ornaments, etc. We don't usually get it all finished, but it provides a decidedly festive flavor to a day that otherwise, for us, was always a bit lacking of something.

    As far as readiness, I am all finished shopping, but have yet to wrap one present, except for those that needed to be shipped elsewhere. Those went to the post office today -- eeeck! A line literally out the door. That's what I get for waiting 'til the last minute!

    P.S. I'll send you a pic of my puppy -- want to take an updated pic of him in the Christmas collar I knitted up for him, complete with jingle bells. He's not to thrilled about it, but it 'tis my right . . . considering all the gives and takes in our relationship and all. ;)

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Ah, yes, the ornaments made from popsicle sticks, macaroni, and spray paint... ;-) We did a tree of all origami cranes in an attempt to foil the cat's activities, but he liked crunching them in his teeth, which distressed our then-4 year old...LOL

    Growing up, the tree didn't go up until the first week of Advent, along with the Advent calendar and the Advent wreath with candles. I have no idea when my parents put the tree up now...we go to their house for Christmas Day only.

    Renee - I will never jump on you for your timing; it's only a few days earlier than the 1st! And it's a great thing to do while everyone's home for the day and full of turkey! And I can't wait to see the puppy pics! Cute idea!

    I haven't wrapped a thing, and still have a few presents to get. Sigh. Tomorrow...

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope your holiday preparations are fun and meaningful, and your holidays are relaxing and fun!


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