Monday, December 20, 2010

Dreaming in Pink, Again: Fabric Ideas for a 1940s Shirtwaist Dress

As you all know, I love finding the perfect fabric, notions, and accessories. I'm willing to bend "the rules" about being true to a period; for example, for this dress I'm thinking pink, which was more popular in the 50's than the 40's, and the pattern is a definitely wartime dress. What can I say? I'm rarely a purist about anything in life...  I just think that any of these choices could be sweet.  In fact, I may have to make this dress up more than once!

This is the pattern, a 1940's mail-order pattern that I scooped up when I found it in my size. (Sorry the pic is blurry; it was the seller's photo and I haven't scanned the original yet.)

I know this tea cup fabric isn't really in keeping with the war-time aesthetics, but it's perfect for a day dress!
From Nauvoo Quilt Company on Etsy.

This little pink floral is part of the same collection as the tea cup fabric at Nauvoo Quilt company.

 Moda 3 Sisters Martinique Picket Fence in Aqua (above) and Shell (below)

Fluevog Sweet Pea, available at endless shoes; really  more of a 20s or 30s style, but how can you resist these shoes?!?

Jump's Bayke pump in deep pink; again, not a 40's style, really, but how often are you going to find shoes in this color?!?!


  1. Bending the rules is what makes life fun! I say go with your pink inclinations...

  2. Tee Hee! And I'm so GOOD at breaking the rules, so I must be having fun, right?

  3. I love pink, so definitely go with it.


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