Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shoe Shopping: What to Wear with the New Dress?

Remember that gorgeous champagne satin dress I had my eyes on, and I said that it had been sold?  Well, guess who bought it?  MY HUSBAND!  My sweetheart bought it as a surprise for me, so just when I was settling into the idea of shopping for another "weight loss incentive dress," the one I really wanted showed up on my doorstep!  I am a lucky girl.

Here's the dress.  This photo makes it look much more bronze colored than it is.  In real life it's a true light champagne color with cream and gold metallic embroidery.

So of course, the next question is, "What shoes do I wear with this, once I can fit into it?".  Here's where you come in....which of these do you like with this dress?

I wanted a classic "babydoll" or "pinup" pump, but not with today's 4"+ stiletto heel shape.  And of course the color has to be just right.  This dress will be worn to cocktail and semi-formal functions, and I don't want to try and look like a starlet on the red carpet.  I have old feet and an old back, and I hate pointy-toed shoes... so here's what I came up with.

This pair would go with lots of other things in my wardrobe, and would let the dress shine.
And they're on sale for a ridiculous price of $35.00.

A subtle metallic, could be used for other evening looks as well.  A very understated, classic heel.

Absolutely gorgeous, if a bit pointy, leather print and suede pump by Menbur.
Might be a little too "brown"?  And is more money than I was planning on spending, but oh, are they hot!

Rose detail pump by Nine West.  Also maybe a little too "brown" but a very sweet suede texture and a comfy heel.

Nine West pump with bow detail. Danger of being too close in value to the color of the dress, but too "yellow".  But a lovely classic.


  1. Oooh, what a delicious dilemma! How absolutely wonderful of your husband -- homerun on that one! Gorgeous dress! For my $, I would go with the ones with the rosettes.

    Did you google "retro shoes"? I have done that in the past. Don't you just love it when stuff from the 80s comes up?? Yikes!

    Enjoy that dress. Hang it somewhere you'll see it every single day . . .

  2. P.S. I did a post about my pupcake a few days ago. I can't wait until you get yours, though I know it will be a while yet. ;)

  3. aww, what a lovely surprise! Love your shoe choices!

  4. oh! how lovely!!! I love the rose detail pumps best!

  5. Thanks, ladies!
    @Renee - I did google "retro shoes" but didn't find anything that quite fit the bill. Sigh. And I cannot wait for my puppy-pup-pup!
    @The Baroness - Thanks, Jill! You have great taste! LOL
    @Debi - I love them too, I'm just concerned about the color...May have to order them and return them if they just don't work....

  6. Okay, I know I said 'neutral' shoes would let the dress shine (GREAT surprise btw), but those bronze shoes? Awesome! I understand about realistic heels on back/feet/knees.

  7. Nancy, I wasn't trying to tell you what to do (google "retro shoes"), understand. I was just making the observation of what SUPPOSEDLY passes for vintage all of a sudden. I don't like it when I see things of MY era being categorized as vintage! Eeeeck!

  8. Oh, I know, Renee! The stuff they say is "retro" is either stuff I wore in high school, or it's only a stylistic nod to a vintage style, but adds some modern twist that I never like!!!

  9. Oh, the Menbur leather print/suede are really great! Not too pointy, and some of the more contemp versions are really too rounded at the toes. You could add some really great rhinestones to the bow's center to coordinate with your "jewels" if you wanted. I really love "carnival glass" style stones, shiny, reflective....

  10. Of these choices, I'd probably go with the bronze. Standing at a party in any higher heels would give me aches and pains. For pure prettiness, though, I'd choose the rose detail pumps.

  11. The shoes all look wonderful with that outfit!

  12. Thanks, Lisa, Tobi, and Micki! Decisions, decisions....


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