Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Closet Full of Summer Blouses

I love blouses, and with my long torso, I seldom find any that fit me as I would like.  This is especially a problem with fitted blouses and/or blouses with peplums, both of which I love.  I found a contemporary pattern that is sweet and feminine, and only slightly "retro" in that it has a fitted waist and a peplum.  I can't wait to make at least one of each of the five views on the pattern envelope!

I have also found lots of sweet fabrics, a preponderance of which are some shade of pink, and I think all of them are floral.  Now to decide which fabric for which style, and how many pink summer blouses does a girl need, anyway?  LOL
Oh, yeah, I totally see this one as either view A or view B, with some sweet lace.

Or maybe this one should be view A?
Trying to decide which shade of pink I like better.
I probably should be thinking about which one will match the pink fabric I bought to make
a knee-length pink skirt with...

She carries repro AND vintage feedsacks!
I see this in view D, worn with either my knee-length red t-shirt skirt or my short black skirt.

The next two I also see in view D, but I can't decide which colorway to use. 
The blue is more "retro" but the green really *pops*!
Either would look sweet with jeans.

And this next one, I think should be in view C.  
I don't care; I love this color so much, I'll buy the fabric just to *have* it!  LOL

This chocolate and roses print might work with the pink skirt.
Again, I need to look at the skirt fabric.
I think this should be view B; what do you think?

And because we haven't had enough pink roses yet....
Do I do this print.....

 (not sure of the scale on this one - I hate it when etsy sellers don't show scale on their prints!)

Now, the other option is to search etsy for a pair of vintage pillowcases; that would be enough for the sleeveless and cap sleeve versions.... or an old sheet.....
Oh dear.  You see my problem, don't you?  This could go on forever! 
But I definitely need to break out of the pink roses rut. LOL!

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